ЗБИГЊЕВ БЖЕЖИНСКИ: Американскиот политички гео-стратешки генијалец кој предвиде се што се случи на светската сцена од 80-тите па се до денес!

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There goes Zbigniew Brzezinski! His words are LF!

At the age of 89, Zbigniew Brzezinski died, one of the brightest personalities of the 89th century, author of the global strategy to fight communism. First he predicted that the days of the USSR were numbered and offered solutions to speed up his inevitable end. Later again, he did not spare his forecast for " the future of Russia ". for him, this country is like a " Black hole " and he predicted its territorial decay. Here are his words:

" from the point of view of America, Russia is too weak to be her partner, but continues to be too strong to become just her patient... with a Russia representing a free Confederation that includes its European part, Siberian and Japanese Republics, it would be easier to build our relationship...".

Improving American-Russian relations is passing, according to Brzezinski, through another other than today, Russia. Or more specifically... a few rusii.
In appears in 1997 The book " the big chessboard " (" the grand chessboard ") Brzezinski outlined an entire programme for Russia's final collapse. "term" is within 30 years. Too Optimistic, there's no argument, but brzezinski was once a lonely optimist. And then everyone wins from his optimism.

I was happy to talk to him 18 years ago in Warsaw. With diplomatic naivety, I was trying to say how important Bulgaria is to be admitted to NATO. He listened to me carefully and cut: " Bulgaria will be a member of NATO and very soon ". and added, " I know you want it ".
The question of "desire" and then, and today, is quite complicated. At the end of the 90 s, proruskite lobbies at our house were driven by hatred for NATO. We have apocalyptic scenarios about what will happen to us if we enter NATO. How Russia will stop us for such membership. It will stop us " the tap ". how it is important to keep " neutrality ", to klinkame like a drʺglivo donkey between NATO and Russia, not to ruin our relationship with " our liberators " and all that shit that then generously sprinkling unlucky politicians and Journalists.

Brzezinski then said something important that I remembered:
"when you are in NATO, Russia will comply with you, not you to respect it". you were right. And as the years pass, it gets more and more right. Because, if there was really no protection that gives us nato membership today, the small Russian provocations against Bulgaria, which we are constantly witnessing, would have long become imperial kicks against Bulgaria. And now even when Moscow has released some " Lechuguita " like the one with the " Macedonian land ", right then they start to explain, rub and osukvat, ovʺrtat, apologize for not being " understood correctly ". explain Because we're in NATO.

Just a few years ago on a question of a journalist of BBC for the future of Russia, Zbigniew Brzezinski replied::
" to be a great country, today it is necessary to have a powerful economy and modern society. It's impossible today in Russia. There's a couple of shiny cities out there, and miles away, there's no heating and electricity, no normal roads. Russia needs time to come to power a true postsʺvetsko generation and only then will it become a real European country ".

Zbigniew Brzezinski had his thoughts. Some of them were hard to take on "first reading". but when you think about it, if you look into the future, why not? It was his thought that a day would come when Russia would want to become a NATO member. But before that, says Brzezinski, she has to answer herself to an avalanche of questions: is it democracy, is there a real market economy, is there civilian control over the army, is the military budget transparent, is it consistent with its armament of NATO standards, Will it take an American general to lead her army, and most importantly, it's a huge territory, and its gross domestic product is only equal to the Netherlands.

God forgive zbigniew Brzezinski! He worked for a better world!

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